Group Assignment

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Through the Eyes of the Reader

I never fully explained why I found Gin and Goldenrod a story I could really connect to. I don't fully follow Sigbjorn's beliefs towards urbanization, infact I am all for it. However, it only has been the passed few months that I have been starting to really despise urbanization. Now I have lived in Surrey my whole life, and the landscape since I was a kid to now has changed dramatically. All over Surrey many peices of land which had forests have been cut down to deal with the rising boom in housing and for the last 19 years it didn't mean much to me. It has only been the last 6 months that I have really shown interest in this development. Unlike the passed 19 years the move towards urbanization has increased its speed and now forests all over Surrey are getting ripped down to just add another block of townhouses. From seeing this I really could understand Sigbjorn and why he felt so passion towards the issue. Well I think Im done my rambling.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Playing Devil's Advocate?

Bienvenue ladies and gentlemen of all ages,
If you are reading this right now, we've all supcribed to the tyranny of evil(according to Mr.Sigbjorn) and become bastards. By accepting this most wonderous gift of computers, warm cozy lofts with all the bells and whistles, and our fancy sports cars we've defiled the mother of all mothers: earth. Furthermore we've defiled "heaven" with luxury condo's and fancy high rises. I would have to admit to the fact that yes indeed I have contributed to the degredation and pillage of nature's gifts and yes I subscribe to this "evil," but I wouldn't call my house or city evil. In fact I would vehemently denounce the notion of progress as evil! I would even go further to say that Sigbjorn is infact the evil one. If he's so vehemently against society's mechanisms and progress why does he continually utilize societies many brilliant technologies to send him of to blissfull paradise? And if he is disgusted by perfectly crafted building or gucci handbag he should go further out to the woods and find bliss elsewhere. Now on another note I find his drunken stupor annoying at best. I mean if your drunk you gotta be a fun drunk, not a someone who uses alcohol as means of escape. Thats just leads to more problems and will inevitably mean that society's gonna pick up the tab for problems caused by alcohol. No matter how I see it he's bound by society if he wants to live. If he can't appreciate a 110 inch tv or a lambourgini then I am afraid that Mr. sigbjorn is my mortal enemy.
-mr anonymouse who rambles on

Friday, March 25, 2005

Group Assignment

Addiction City!

I am wondering why some addicts in the "Vancouver City" can shaw their talents to the public such as Malcom lowry and some can not?
Throughout working in downtown I figured out Vancouver as an "Addiction City." It is easy to achieve -- just spend a couple of minutes in the corner of Robson and Granville after office hours. May be you can see a person who draws pictures of lovers and earns money to buy drugs. This person is talented in art. However, he may never be recognized in the public.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Title? Im Not Good At Titles...

So here I am, Saturday night (officially Sunday if you like) sitting here, getting my act together and trying to figure out what to write for this hear blog. Now I took a look at a few of the other blogs trying to get an idea what this should look like but I still feel like I am un sure what to write.

So I guess first off I will thank Jim for at least getting a start to this thing. Hes been doing a lot of hard work, and congratulations to him on his essay and his presentation. Well done.

Well now that I've already used up my main ideas on what to post this first time...I guess its time to take a page out of Sigbjorn's story, and perhaps grab a few drinks of Gin to let myself go for a bit. Hmm no alcohol in sight...guess water will have to do.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Name Origin

Sigbjorn, hmm... How I've found this name intriguingly unusual. After a little bit of research, Sigbjorn is a common Norwegian name today meaning - spear carrier or spear thrower. It's a very masculine name after all in comparison with his wife's name Primrose.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Prohibition is not congruent with Lowry's time.

There are many evidences that indicate the story took place in Greater Vancouver Area. The story was set in between "the mountains and the inlet" (57). Such geographical characteristic is smiliar to Vancouver's. Secondly, Goldenrod do blossom, and Goldfinches do breed in Southern British Columbia.

Malcom Lowry is not a Vancouver native (check P. 67 of Vancouver Short Stories). In fact, he didn't settle down in Dollarton, BC until 1939s. Considering his detailed, vivid description about the surroundings in the story, I believe Lowry set the time in the story in congruence with the time of his stay in British Columbia. Nevertheless, Prohibition Act in BC was long expired before Lowry's time in Dollarton; BC provincial government ceased its prohibition in 1920.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gin + Goldenrod = Blog

Our group, after much debate has decided to focus on the short story Gin and Goldenrod.